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Commercial Building Roof Repair in Clearwater, FL

Your commercial property depends on its roof for protection. So if your roof has sustained damages or needs to be replaced, contact George Kontos Roofing. We provide both commercial roof repair and replacement services in Clearwater, FL, and we can keep your roof in good condition.

Our Services

We handle every aspect of commercial roofing, including maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Whatever you need for your roof, you can trust us to get the job done.


The right care and maintenance of your commercial roof can mean the difference between a small fix and a major repair. When you opt for regular maintenance, we inspect and fix your roof to reduce the risk of severe damage or premature replacement. We inspect the roof and identify problems like leaks or loose flashing to keep your roof in good condition.


If we find any problems with your roof, or if you notice a leak or problematic area, we are happy to provide a high-quality repair for your roof. We have over 40 years of roofing experience, so you can trust that we know how to fix any problem with your roof in no time. When you need commercial building roof repair, George Kontos Roofing is the best choice.


Of course, no roof lasts forever, so when the time comes to replace your commercial roof, we are there to help. We know the best options for your roof and can help you choose a material that will serve your building well and meet your specifications.

Our Team

With our decades of experience, you can expect only great work and excellent service from our experienced and skilled team of roofers. Not only do we provide standard roofing services, but we also offer 24-hour emergency services for urgent repairs.

If you need commercial roofing services in Clearwater, FL, contact us today at 727-938-6900.

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